Downsizing Tip for Newbies


Simplifying your life starts with careful and thorough planning. Before reaping the rewards of downsizing, preparation and financial management should be on point. To do this, budgeting should be prioritized. There is no better way of starting a new way of living like downsizing than to get finances under control. Below are our most recommended tools to help you manage your money with ease.

Smarty Pig

For those who want to keep track of how much money is being saved, Smarty Pig is an ideal choice.
What’s cool about Smarty Pig is that it is a legitimate savings account; users are required to create n Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-approved savings account that will be linked to an existing bank account. It also gains interest (although not at the same rate as the average bank). The progress of the savings accounts is displayed on the ‘Goals’ screen to give users’ motivation to completely fill the piggy bank.

Grocery IQ

Shopping with Grocery IQ is an experience that everyone should try once. Using the QR code technology, this app makes quick work of shopping lists by scanning the barcodes of products. It’s easy to create a checklist of items to buy, in order of purchase, through its predictive search technology.

Trail Wallet

Perfect for those who would like to keep a close eye on your budget while on travel, Trail Wallet makes checking your bank account a worry-free endeavor. Since many of those who seek to downsize do it to travel more, having a tool that keeps finances in check while on the go is a necessity. It has many different currencies for users to input, automatically converted to the local currency using up-to-date foreign exchanges.


For general budgeting needs, nothing does it more concisely than BUDGET. Unlike others which are primarily designed for another aspect of personal finance like tax monitoring or saving, this application is dedicated to keeping a clear and quick budget. No gratuitous graphics, just plain and clear formatting and design. BUDGET may not have the overly complicated functions of other apps. However, for those who simply want to keep track of their expenses, this tool definitely takes the top spot for presentation and no-frills outputs.

These apps are great tools, especially when trying to clear out financial troubles such as getting out of debt. It is, however, important to make sure that you don’t overdo your use of your phone. Gaming Realms, the operators of Spin Genie, have said that growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends that the internet landscape has seen, and that phone and tablet user-installed bases have been expanding.

The GSMA estimates that this means that mobile data revenue will exceed voice revenue by 2019, earning $559 billion and $547 billion respectively. We rely on our phones so much that it’s easy nowadays not to realize that we might be eating up our mobile allowance, so you need to make sure that your use of your phone still fits into your downsizing lifestyle.

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