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Nowadays, brochures and magazines can be produced surprisingly cheaply in a single print. A new service from the Workstation uses this for the portfolios of artists, photographers, and other creative people.

While there is now a whole range of books-on-demand providers in Germany, there is a lack of providers who also produce brochures and magazines in a single print. The sheet workshop from Kern in the Lower Rhine region, however, has recently started offering such a service that makes it particularly easy for the customer: you simply send texts and images by email. The texts are then corrected, the images fit into the layout and the booklet is printed by a specialist service – a professional, high-gloss magazine is ready.

The service is primarily intended for artists, photographers, or other creative people who want to introduce themselves with a printed portfolio. The inexpensive single prints are also suitable for startup portraits or zero numbers for magazines.

For their customers, the Workstation is developing a 20-page booklet with a personalized cover theme and a long photo spread for a total of 199 euros (including VAT). At the same time, the magazine is made available worldwide as a flip-through flash edition. The leaf version of the booklets can also be inserted into other websites using the code snippet supplied.

Replenishment can be ordered from the magazine at any time for less than five euros. Printing is carried out using the print-on-demand process in the USA. If you want to know in advance what the print products feel like, you can order a sample from the sheet workshop for a fee of five euros. The sum will be charged when ordering an edition of Eco folio.

Let’s Do It Too: Front Pages With Joke

We have built the Formula 1 desk that you see here – of course, only graphically! He graced the cover of the business magazine “WIN”, which dealt with the topic of office organization. The headline was: “Full throttle in a team!” We love making front pages like this, and we make them incredibly good. Our graphic designer Ollie Lot develops an idea together with Stefan Bruno, coordinates it with the customer, and then implements it in high resolution.

It is worthwhile that we take such trouble with a cover picture: No other site has any function that is nearly as important. Nevertheless, many publishing houses use lavish fees for authors and a lot of editorial power on their content – and have the front page staged by inexperienced people. It is about like having the knee operated by star doctor Miller-Worthless and the nose by the family doctor in the village …

If you want to take a look at our front pages, you can take a look at the slide.

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