Hello Ms Chips


This was my first-week flying solo in the classroom. Ms. A began the week staying to say hello, then disappeared into teacher prep and the library.  Research papers are finally coming in and we used the second half of the class to send students up for conferences on the paper. We decided that she should finish this lesson (expository research), but I did correct a few papers myself.  Final grades will be determined by Ms.A.  It was overall a good week flying solo; I asked Ms. A to give me an informal observation report using my university’s rubric. A few actions were noted as not observed, such as assessment actions, but she gave me a good report; a grade B  with a good mix between a 2(meets the standard) and 3(exceeds the standard). Some things to work on:

  • Wait for the students to settle in before starting lessons.  If they continue to talk over me, stop talking. She has found that very effective to get everyone’s attention.
  • She suggested we rearrange the room after vacation break which I agree. I plan to use a lot of group work and interaction during the dystopian unit and having a physical environment that encourages group work will help.

I actually had one student help me calm everyone down. A few boys were conversing in a corner of the room that I have difficulty reaching quickly. This student yelled at them to “stop talking- I can’t hear the teacher” You know, she is our teacher now, she is not like a sub”. Ms. A also told me that one of the students emailed his research paper to my attention.  And I finally sent a student to see the discipline dean. This student is bright as a whip and a natural leader. This student usually comes ready to learn, leads the class in participation, and helps other students move along with the pace. This student arrived with earbuds in their ear and refused to stop playing a game. I said you have 10 seconds to stop and counted down. Then, I told them to go see the dean. The dean phoned me 10 minutes later and said that after their conversation, the student was coming back and ready to learn. I told her to please send this student back to the classroom and thanked her. I need to stop down again to re-introduce myself to her and pick her brain on when are the right times to send a student with a blue slip in hand(detention) or just to send them down for a quick talk. I believe I made the right call with this student.

I believe I have arrived.

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