Fashion Tips for Women


All the fashion buzz could get a little too blinding at times and there are so many things to follow. This is why you must be looking for a few easy to remember and simple to follow fashion tips for women that you could actually use.

If you are feeling all confused and left behind by the fast-paced world of fashion, then there is nothing wrong with that

Fashion trends come and go but your style is here to stay. Therefore, regardless of the changing fashion trends focus on establishing your own style. Pick the look that you feel comfortable and confident with and follow it consistently with variations

Clear Up the Confusion

One of the ways to start clearing up all your confusion in terms of fashion is clearing up all the clutter. If you stare at your wardrobe for hours without really making up your mind about what to choose, then the best way to go is to eliminate the ones that are out of the question. You should ruthlessly clean up your wardrobe and get rid of all the outdated items.

Build on Favorite Items

You should focus on collecting favorite items that you can depend on from season to season, even with the change in fashion trends. However, while you do so, you must see that these items are in accordance with your style. You should be able to want to revisit those items and you should be comfortable in displaying them.

Expensive is not always Stylish

Who would not want to own that Birk in a bag or that original Ralph Lauren dress? Sure, everyone is impressed when they see a high worth designer item. But if you are the kind who perpetually remains tormented by the expensive designer products, then you should come to terms with the fact that you don’t necessarily look fashionable by spending a fortune.

Shop Smart, don’t Overbuy

Instead of shopping for every other item, reconsider your shopping habits. Check what suits you and what does not and only go after items worth collecting and compatible with your style. Prefer quality over quantity.

Consider your Body Shape

Your fashion and style statement would go all wrong if you were not considering your body shape because otherwise, you would not be able to tell what would suit you and what would not. Knowing your body shape is imperative to get your dressing right unless you deliberately want to look out of sorts.

Tall women should avoid wearing clothes which are too tight and should wear medium-sized skirts, if at all. However, petite women should rather go for tight and well-fitted clothes and narrow belts. They should go for soft fabrics and soft prints and avoid using extravagant prints to avoid distractions.

Create the Right Effect

You must be aware that certain accessories and articles of clothing could create a certain effect that could affect how you look. For example, wearing long earrings can make your neck seem longer, and wearing v-shaped necklaces can attract attention to your neckline. Similarly, if you have slim hips, you may want to wear straight trousers and you should only don a blouse with a short skirt. Take care of what you are wearing in proportion with your body shape and you will be fine.

Make Subtle Changes & Experiments

You don’t really have to make extravagant changes in order to look fashionable. You can make subtle and little changes and can enjoy being creative with them. You can maintain a few jewelry sets which you can scramble to match with different dress combination. If you get too bored by the usual things, you can even experiment a bit and see how it turns out. But the key is that you must enjoy what you do. For example, you could revamp an old bag by changing its handle chain or could use your scarf as a belt.

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