How to Make the Most Eco friendly Sandwich Wrap Ever


Ever since my boys started school, I’ve been striving to reduce school lunch waste. I love to use reusable cloth napkins. Early on I made sandwich wraps out of recycled table clothes. They worked great, but I was concerned about the safety of the vinyl.  So with this project, I want to impress that the really important thing to consider when making eco-friendly sandwich wraps is that you want to be sure what you’re using is safe for food, because not all plastic or vinyl is safe for use with food.

Reusing food packaging to make an eco-friendly reusable sandwich wrapper

There are two food packages that I recommend for this project. Either a potato chip bag or the plastic bag that cereal comes in – it’s inside the cereal box.
For my demonstration, I’m using a clear bag that comes inside a box of cereal.

How to Make an Eco-Friendly Sandwich Wrapper


Cereal bag (liner); Sewable Velcro®; Scissors; Sharpie; Dinner plate to use as a template; Washi tape to decorate

Step 1

First, take your bag and cut along the seams so the bag is opened flat in a single layer.

Step 2

Clean it thoroughly with mild dish soap and water.

Step 3

Trace your plate onto the cereal bag. I found that an 11″ plate works well for a full sandwich and a 9″ plate works well as a template for half sandwiches.

Step 4

Fold the circle so that the left and right sides meet in the center. Then fold the bottom up and the top down so that they overlap about an inch. Crease the folds.

Step 5

Sew the Velcro onto the underside of the top flap and the outside of the bottom flap. I made my Velcro a little longer so that I could adjust the closure depending on the size variations in my sandwich.

Step 6

Decorate! Because the bag is clear, it gives you blank space to decorate as you wish. I used Washi tape because it’s easy to apply and stands up to the cleaning process.

Why is this the most Eco-Friendly Sandwich Wrap EVER?

  1. This eco-friendly sandwich wrap reuses something that you were going to discard
  2. It reduces the waste and cost of disposable plastic baggies that you may have used otherwise
  3. Because it easily wipes clean, you don’t need to worry about throwing it in the laundry like other reusable sandwich wraps.

Below is a video of me using this process to create an eco-friendly sandwich wrapper out of a potato chip bag. 

Have you ever tried to rip open some of these chip bags? Especially the ones with a matte finish. They’re impossible. They’re so durable I need to open them with scissors. This was an instant sign that this material would hold up to multiple usages.

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