The Mobile Year


The changing market environment has led to many pros and cons, well as the old saying goes “Every coin has 2 sides”, it stands true in the market today with lots of right things happening along with wrong things across the globe but we cannot forego some goods things happening because bad things exist.

Well, bad things are just a myth if we consider, we well know how to convert bad into good with the latest news being offered on the site may it be something related to mobile phone news, latest releases in phones, general phone reviews, phone news, higher ratings, or cell phone news. The site offers you ultimate answers to what you were looking for all this while.

Let’s have some brief looks at the year power phones which made big headlines in the world of mobile phone news and other related material. Every time a new cell phone is released or offered in the market, people grab to see what is in store for them inside the latest features attract young minds as it technology that attracts, along with technology there comes a high in the price of the costing of the cell phone. But people are not minding spending some extra bucks in getting the coolest features for their phones in the market today by being unique in their friend’s circle.

The year was quite exciting for the latest gizmo freaks with the release of 2nd generation iPhone that is, iPhone 3G being released, the phone contained all the features one ever wanted in their phone counting on the mobile business applications, latest java games could be downloaded, music can be downloaded, latest videos available through wap sites, etc. other phones not so precise to compete with iPhone but they had their own charm to push the market sales were Blackberry Bold, Samsung Omnia, Ericsson Xperia X1, and HTC mobile phones. Let’s have some brief idea about some phones which rocked the markets.

iPhone – this was one much-awaited phone which stormed all markets across the world in terms of features and the quality of the products. The phone was first released in the United States, the phone has very distinctive features almost similar to that of 1st generation iPhone. The latest phone has a slimmer design and style comparatively. The Apple iPhone is like a small computer helping you do whatever you want on your mini pc, you can say, the phone connects to mobile networks anywhere, anytime without much of settings.

G1 Phone – the google mobile phone with the Android Mobile platform, this was the first of its kind and attracted quite a few takes in the market place. This was a dream piece especially for mobile users, the mobile’s online features had various online products to get downloaded, the phone was in direct competition with iPhone, but G1 has its own advantages with google being a major Internet player and good reliable manufacturer for the same.

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