A Guide to Buying Dinnerware


Dinnerware can be confusing to buy for the very first time – especially if you want to impress even the most scrutinizing eyes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for the best-looking dinner plates for your dining room.

Uses or Purposes

Here’s something shocking – for husbands or would-be husbands. A home typically needs more than one set of dinnerware.

White plates are the simplest and the safest choice for what you’d use for daily meals because – colour-wise – they are at least safe to use in the microwave oven and would not have a problem of fading designs when placed inside a dishwasher. White sets are also easier to coordinate and they make the perfect background for showcasing food.

Plate sets used for daily occasions must be as heavy-duty as possible since they’ll likely be subjected to a lot of cracks, chips, and fractures. When it comes to ceramics, porcelain would offer the “hardest” body. Bone china would also be a good choice, but it can be quite terribly expensive. For something extremely practical and reasonably priced, there’s always plastic, too.

The second plate set you need to equip your home with would be those you’d use for special occasions and holidays. They’re the ones you use to impress your most special guests, such as when your boss or mother-in-law is coming over for a visit.


No, you do not have to familiarize yourself with the different terms used to describe swirls, loops, and other kinds of designs found on china patterns. Rather, there are three major categories used when describing china patterns: romantic, classic, and modern. However, each design can also be divided into two sub-categories: formal and informal.

Dinnerware with romantic designs typically features living things or parts of nature like flowers, shells, birds, and fruit. They also usually include curvilinear designs and rounded motifs.  Classic patterns are reminiscent of previous times or historical periods, which can be anything from Gothic to rococo.

It also features a mixture of curving and geometric designs. Lastly, you have modern designs for dinner plates. These are typically abstract in nature and thus have no limit as to the kind of design you’d get.

It’s fine to use more than one plate set at the same time or for a single occasion. However, you need to at least make sure that the colours and styles complement each other. Contrast is always a good thing, and an example of this would be to use blue plates and yellow plates. Blue is a cool shade while yellow is a warm colour.


The days of having only circular shaped plates are long gone – especially if you like to serve traditional Japanese dishes like sashimi and sushi. Those raw dishes are typically served in a rectangular plate. A rim-shaped plate, on the other hand, comes with a deeper centre. It’s best used for serving dishes with soup or juices.

Overall, as long as you keep the tips above in mind then you won’t have a problem shopping for the right dinnerware for your home.

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