Designer Lighting for Your Home Tips and Guides


Designer lighting basically consists of lighting that can be decorative and functional at the same time. Most people assume that this type of lighting is something only suited for the most luxurious of homes. That may have been true in the past, but nowadays continuous improvements in technology have allowed manufacturers to offer unique lighting designs at very affordable prices.

If you want uniquely-designed lighting to grace your home as well then you need to consider the following factors.


Think about where you’re going to install them. Bedroom lighting, for instance, can’t be used interchangeably with study room lighting. Lights for the bedroom are typically incandescent or with low brightness levels since they’re meant to help you relax and fall asleep. Obviously, you can’t have that in a study room – a place where you need to be alert enough to focus on your studies or paperwork.

After identifying the intended location for your lighting, the next thing you should focus on would be its function. Lighting in a particular room can have more than one purpose. With bedroom lighting, for instance, corner lights can add to the ambiance while designer lighting can be installed simply for decorative purposes.


The design of your lighting must always complement the rest of the room. Let’s say you want a classic-looking chandelier for your dining room. If that were the case, it wouldn’t do to serve your guest’s dinner using plastic dinnerware or mismatched plates. On the other hand, modern-looking dinnerware would definitely go well with creatively designed pin lights.

Colour – This is not just about the color of the light itself. Consider as well the color of the fixture used for installing your lights.

Frame – Lots of lighting designs nowadays come with frames or shells. They make up a large part of lighting designs so do take the time to consider them. Frames are also important because they allow lights not only to be mounted on ceilings but also on walls, under the floors, or outdoors.

Custom Designs

If there is nothing in the market that you find appealing, then you can always have lighting custom-designed for your home. Again, it may have been extremely expensive in the past but not anymore. With power tools and all kinds of machinery made increasingly available to designers, you can always order your own lighting designs from professionals.

When requesting for custom-designed lighting, always remember to iron out the details before paying for anything. Remember to get a written agreement as well so that you’d know exactly what you’re getting.

Be as specific as you can with regard to your requirements about the materials you want them to use as well as the deadline for delivering the item. You must also be very clear about the fines or fees in the event that the designer you hired wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline.

Lighting can make your home look warmer and cozier. Other times, it can make your home appear more stately and elegant. And with designer lighting, you can be sure that your home will definitely be one of a kind.

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