Cross Stitch on Recycled Packaging


It’s Friday night, and I must admit that one of my favorite things to do at the end of a long week is cross-stitch or hand embroider. It is soooo relaxing to me. I can kick back with a movie and quietly stitch away as the movie plays. So tonight is one of those nights. It’s cold (for May) and I just want to be cozy.

I also cannot deny for much longer the pile of recycled containers I have stashed next to my desk just waiting to be upcycled! They’re kind of hidden behind my trash can, but the pile is starting to grow higher than the trash can. It’s time to repurpose this recycled packaging.

How to Cross Stitch Recyclables

Over the last year, I have been pinning cross stitch that has been done “off the cloth” as I call it. Meaning not on Aida cloth. It’s super fascinating to me. How about you? I’ve seen it on everything from chain link fences to ceramics to eggs.


Recycled canister or container with a plastic lid

Graph paper



Heavy-duty needle

Embroidery thread

Step 1: Draw your design in Xs on your graph paper. For inspiration, you can do a Pinterest search for easy cross stitch patterns. I sketched out my initial and a little heart.

Step 2: Cut around your design and tape it to the top of your recycled, plastic lid

Step 3: Use your heavy-duty needle to poke holes through the graph paper where your Xs are drawn.

Step 4: Remove the graph paper and cross-stitch your lid!

Now, because I mentioned that I do this with a movie, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see the finished project.

UPDATE: As promised, here is my finished can. I Mod Podged some scrapbook paper onto it to make it super pretty. The funny thing is, I’m slightly obsessed with this Mod Podge paper from Plaid – I mean this particular pattern. I got a book of paper samples and I’ve used this pattern on three projects so far. You may remember it from my garage makeover post. I simply love it!

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