How Much Does a Truck Driver Make


Who are truckers? Like what the name implies, they earn money by driving a truck. They have other names such as a driver, truckie, and trucker. They drive different types of the truck including a dump truck, box truck, or semi-truck. They have some responsibilities regarding their occupation. Basically, truck drivers are an important service for industries. Their prime task is to transport raw materials, goods, items, overland. They will transfer those things too and from distribution centers, retail, plants, and much more. Not to mention they have the responsibility for inspecting their trucks for some operation or mechanical issues.

Truck Drivers’ Salary

What’s the reason for becoming a truck driver? There will be many reasons, for sure. Most of the truck drivers are satisfied with their salaries. How much money do they actually make? The answer can be either complex or simple. There are many factors that affect their salary. These are the examples:

  • What the trucking corporation hauls
    • How much experience the drivers have
    • Variety of equipment applied
    • The company’s policy
    • The coverage of service

New drivers won’t get many jobs due to their lack of experience and training. That means they won’t get paid as much as professional truck drivers. The amount of salaries that are listed in advertisements or newspaper is the average number of all drivers. Drivers can make either more or lesser than such a number. The most common amount listed is around $40,000. A new truck driver receives the lowest amount of the pay scale.

Years earlier, new truck drivers get pain anywhere around $20K-$40K. That means newbie will earn an average amount of $30,000 / year. Experienced drivers can expect to earn more than such amount. What about the pay potentials of the owner-operator? Well, their earnings can range from $30,000-$80,000 after taxes. Heavy haulers and movers can even make more profits than that. They can earn more than $100K / year. These operators will pay the truckers based on many aspects. In fact, each trucking company has its own policy regarding how much money they will pay for the drivers per month. It also depends on the rule of the company.

Many people wonder how truck drivers get their payment. There are different methods that can be completed. Usually, the operators will use the standard check. Some of them use electronic payment systems and fuel cards. The most popular methods are by using electronic transfer and payment cards. Many drivers prefer to get prepaid cards where the money will be loaded. Trucking companies can set up the cards in different ways. Actually, drivers can choose how the payment is made. They can even adjust their prepaid card. For example, they can get half of the payment paid on the card. The other half goes to their bank account.

Electronic payment is the most convenient way for drivers. There are many ATMs from where they can access the funds during their jobs. If they want to earn the best income, they need to look for

How to be Successful as a Trucker

In order to earn lots of money from this career, new drivers need to learn how to be successful. Being a trucker is more than just holding a steering wheel. There are many principles included. First of all, they need to pay attention to their attitude. A positive attitude or behavior can increase their value as a trucker. Actually, there are many things that can go out beyond the drivers’ control. It’s important not to overact the situations. Panicky and negative attitudes only make matters worse. Truckers need to have excellent self-control and positive attitude. Not to mention they should treat others with lots of respect.

Good truck drivers should know how to adapt. The over-the-road lifestyle of a trucker is quite rough. It’s different than common jobs out there. Life on the road is more challenging. Drivers need to learn how to manage and balance their family and career life. Adapting to new schedules needs some understanding and adjustment. They should know how to handle sudden changes in routines. Needless to say, they also need to be focused and committed. Starting a career as a truck driver can be quite stressful. If they are able to pay attention to the details, they can see the big picture. As a result, they can handle many types of roads in different conditions professionally.

In summary, truckers are able to earn lots of money from their jobs. They only need to increase their skills and experience. Driving a big truck is quite risky for many reasons. Without experience, it can be a dangerous job to do. Once they earn some experience, they can apply for companies that haul heavy equipment. The payment is quite satisfying, for sure. Yet, the responsibilities become bigger. Trucking is a good career. Even though it’s not literally recession-proof, it will be the last one that’s affected by economic issues.

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