Projects to Organize Your Car


One of my 10 New Year’s resolutions for minimizing was cleaning out the car. I thought perhaps I could be a little more help with this one, especially because it’s sometimes difficult to clean out your car in the winter. Well not difficult as much as undesirable. So I’ve found 5 crafty projects you can do that will make it easier to organize your car.

5  Crafts that Declutter the Car

  1. Bookshelf for the car. Yes, the little ones like to read in the car and who wants to stifle their reading time? Not me. The only link I could find for this was the image on Pinterest, but here’s how I’d make it
  2. An old pillowcase would work perfectly.
  3. Cut it down the middle the long way.
  4. Sew 4 pockets, hemming the open top.
  5. Overlap the pockets, like seen in the photo. Sew to attach.
  6. Add an elastic strap to the top pocket
  7. Car-sized trash can. It’s easy to keep wrappers and other garbage from laying in waste all over the car when you have a little trash can. Repurposing a cereal container is the best car trash can idea I’ve seen because it’s a perfect small size and the lid snaps closed.
  1. Notes on the go. Have you ever stopped somewhere and no one was home and you wanted to leave a note but the only thing you could find was an old receipt? Or try this scenario. You’re in the car and you’re having a great conversation and you want to jot down some talking points. These two examples happen to me all the time and therefore I keep a little organizer with paper, pens, and tape. The tutorial is for a kid’s drawing kit, but it will work for notes on the go, too (and is really cute!).
  2. CD holder for the visor. This is so simple and cute, you’ve got to make one! Click on the image to go to the tutorial.
  3. Easy tissue dispenser for the car. Repurpose a used coffee cup as a tissue box that can be easily stored. Don’t tissue boxes tend to crush or wet? With a cup tissue dispenser, you can just put it one of your 15 cup holders! Click the image for the tutorial.

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