Real Vintage Wedding


You know that venue I showed you all yesterday? Well, I wanted to show a real wedding from that place because it is just too dang cute. The San Juan Islands are just breathtaking. This photographer is also amazing. Probably the greatest thing about curating this blog is discovering great talent in the Northwest. I love it! I’m into donuts instead of wedding cake. In fact I kind of feel like eating a donut right now. I have a mad sweet tooth and I’m constantly craving something. Which makes being on a real food lifestyle just a little bit harder. For those who aren’t familiar with the islands of Washington, there’s a cute little map right below photographed by the wedding photographer.

This past weekend, a friend turned me onto this venue. Of course, I ran home and just had to look it up. The islands here in the Puget Sound area to die for gorgeous all of the time. If you’re into vintage, this is definitely THE venue for you. To start, look at this to die for cute ceremony space. Wooden chairs + multiple white hanging chandeliers. You really wouldn’t have to do much to this space. Add some flowers and a beautiful bride and presto, perfect pulled together ceremony look. Then, there’s the long, farmhouse table with mix and match chairs. I love those long tables. It feels more like a family. Arms reaching across the table. People laughing. Out in the field. Oh, it’s dreamy. Actually, it kind of reminds me of that time the Real Housewives of New Jersey went to Napa and had the sunset family dinner in the vineyards. Being in nature is the best. That’s definitely what makes the Northwest so perfect. You are never far from perfect nature.

Many of you may have seen our wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Most of you never saw any of the actual wedding ceremony and reception photos. The first shot is of the venue itself, Court in the Square. We fell in love with this place the second we first stepped foot in it all those years before our actual wedding while we were waiting for a train to my little sister’s wedding a block away. The history behind this place is just amazing and if you tour the facility the manager, Bob, will tell you all about it. Since we splurged on our photographer, we couldn’t go all out on decorations but we were lucky enough to have access to lights. Matt works for Hollywood Lights and the company has a whole department for production lighting. We had the Christmas lights for the reflecting pond, uplights to highlight the brick walls, peacock gobo for the dance floor, and a gobo with our names for the bar area. Lighting just adds that extra touch to light up the place. Literally. 🙂 We bought all of our flowers at Pike Place Market and a friend of the family put them together. Don’t the flowers on the reflecting pond look amazing?! Then there’s a shot of my sisters and I and then another with Matt and some men in his family. (Our photographer, Sarah Rhoads Photographers, is no longer shooting weddings but you can view their commercial work

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