The Wedding Reporter 2.0 is Here


Once upon a time, a flame-haired girl opened up her inbox to receive an email with the subject line Design help required, probably, I think…” I suspect that at that time, the beautiful genius with a flair for creative ways to reimagine thousands of verbose words and crucial eyes for design could hardly have imagined that this half-hearted request would lead to almost a thousand subsequent emails as the author made increasingly outlandish demands.

The launch of The Wedding Reporter Version 2.0 today comes after a year of one of the most fruitful collaborations I’ve ever had the pleasure to be part of. Recruiting Leah Spicer to make my words look good has flourished into a partnership that, quite frankly, I’d be lost without. She translates my incoherent thoughts into tangible ideas, never balks at my more ridiculous suggestions, and ‘gets’ The Wedding Reporter in a way that I was beginning to think impossible.

So, please take a look around the new site and marvel at the wonder that Leah has created. We’re really proud to launch The Library, which we feel will be a much more pleasurable way to steal your time as you get absorbed in the reports we’ve published there for you. The Writing Services department deals with everything from actual wedding reports to b2b services, so have a look at how I can help you. The blog, of course, is still here, albeit under its own URL of, and in addition to the contact form, you can now reach me.

If you like what you see, I’d be delighted if you could take a moment to leave a comment, if only to act as my very own public thank you note to Leah for all of her hard work.

But enough with the self-congratulations on a job well done. As of next week, we’ll be getting back to the charming and much more crucial business of weddings with a special five-day feature of a freshly published wedding report. Starting from Monday, Kim & Chara’s stylish wedding will be documented right here, at long last. Their beautiful pictures by Polly Alexandre grace many of these new pages, as well as a recent six-page spread in the current issue of You and Your Wedding magazine.

Following on from that will be a couple of pieces from my recent adventures in wedding wonderland, including a trip to New York City in the heart of Surrey and an evening of such gastronomical delights that it culminated in a case of the meat sweats. As if all that isn’t enough, check out Whimsical Wonderland Weddings on Monday, which will be featuring an extract from Emma & Scott’s cherished Christmas wedding, prior to its publication right here.

The Wedding Reporter 2.0 may have been slightly over-hyped in the run-up to today, but I assure you that as the original and the best, the quality of content & devotion to my clients remains as passionate and pivotal to my work as ever.

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