Is Roger Federer the Best Ever


These types of questions keep springing up every time there is a player that often changes the way the game was ever played. There are quite a number of people who have this belief that there is no other player in the history of the game, as talented as him. However, there is an equally large number of people that think that the players in the 1980s and 1990s were the best, and Federer can never be compared to them.

This will have an endless debate. There is hardly a doubt that Federer is an incredibly talented player and such talent is seen once in a decade or two. We do not need any argument on this as his records and the achievements that he has, speak volumes for it.

There is not a single shot that he doesn’t have in his arsenal. He is the best at the baseline, has great service, and comes up to the net really well. Defends exceptionally well. His want and crave to win and the way in which he plays is really amazing. These are some of the quotes that came after he finished his recent tournaments. “Well, he is on a diverse level now”.

Many times, commentator, Patrick McEnroe remarked, “That was really sick” while referring to his shots. When you watch tennis from Borg’s days, since then, there is no one who could ever perform like FedEx. He tends to make the most difficult looking shots really beautiful, easy, and graceful.

He lost matches primarily due to fatigue and they were only 3 out of the 85 played. The player who he lost to, was shocked after beating him. He even honored Federer in his speech. Federer, then, quickly puts to rest that player’s ability that beat him previously in their next match. Federer keeps getting into trouble only when he plays Rafael Nadal. He has been beaten four times. Both of them being baseliners, and both are equally great defensive players. Federer likes to work on his games. Experts keep observing his tennis strategy against top players. So this is Federer.

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