Universities Offering Bsc Degrees in Games Development


The development of games in the new world of science and technology has brought games to a new level. Now well-established Universities in UK, USA, and several other countries are offering full-time B.Sc (Hons) degree in Computer game development. If you are a savvy gamer and have the talent and imagination to learn about their development then this dynamic degree could be quite beneficial. The computer and other platform games sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Its monetary value and scale have surged too far that now it becomes the need of the hour to have qualified specialists of gaming software.

The BSc degree in computer games development aims the students who want to be gaming programmers but also need sufficient grounding to work outside the games industry. That’s why the course adopts software engineering to games development and combines the technical aspects of games programming and artificial intelligence with project management principles, organizational management, and quality assurance. Other topics related to games such as creative designs, animation, and storytelling are also covered as part of the program.

The course is roughly compromised of 5 computing program themes such as Game Design, Mobile Computing, Game Development, Software Engineering, and Software Development.  The degree comprises of 3 years of duration time divided into three parts. In 1st year the course mainly focuses on games and gameplay. The content also includes the study of character creation, game genres, narrative, issues related to hardware, social, and business context of game development. In the 2nd year, the course starts its focus on 2D games programming and mobile communication studies. It also includes project management and software engineering.

In the third and final year, the students are taught 3D games programming techniques and work with game engines. Students will additionally have to choose two more courses such as Software Systems Development, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Software Applications and Architectures, etc. In nutshell, it can be stated that this new level of gamming could make the games more enhanced and sophisticated than ever.

So this is the one best field to join for a degree if you have an interest in it.

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